Section 74b

Reviews of opinions under section 74A1

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74B.-(1) Rules may make provision for a review before the comptroller, on an application by the proprietor or an exclusive licensee of the patent in question, of an opinion under section 74A above.
[Rules 98 to 100]

(2) The rules may, in particular -

  • (a) prescribe the circumstances in which, and the period within which, an application may be made [Rule 98(1): 3 months from issue];
  • (b) provide that, in prescribed circumstances, proceedings for a review may not be brought or continued where other proceedings have been brought [Rule 98(2)];
  • (c) (deleted);
  • (d) provide for there to be a right of appeal against a decision made on a review only in prescribed cases [Rule 100(3)].

Manual of Patent Practice

Applications for reviews are published on the UK-IPO website.

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