Section 19

General power to amend application before grant

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19.-(1) At any time before a patent is granted in pursuance of an application the applicant may, in accordance with the prescribed conditions and subject to section 76 below, amend the application of his own volition.

(2) The comptroller may, without an application being made to him for the purpose, amend the specification and abstract contained in an application for a patent so as to acknowledge a registered trade mark.

Manual of Patent Practice
Rule 31:

  • voluntary amendment allowed after search report under s17(5) and before first 18(3) or 18(4) report;
  • one voluntary amendment allowed as of right after first s18(3) report;
  • further amendments at comptroller's discretion under;

Only amendments (ex nunc) allowed under s19; cf corrections (ex tunc) under s117 & r105, taking into account s76.
Insertion of "(RTM)" by examiner to acknowledge a registered trade mark, but "®" will be accepted.

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