Section 117b

Extension of time limits specified by comptroller

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117B.-(1) Subsection (2) below applies in relation to a period if it is specified by the comptroller in connection with an application for a patent, or a patent.

(2) Subject to subsections (4) and (5) below, the comptroller shall extend a period to which this subsection applies if -

  • (a) the applicant or the proprietor of the patent requests him to do so; and
  • (b) the request complies with the relevant requirements of rules [Rule 109].

(3) An extension of a period under subsection (2) above expires -

  • (a) at the end of the period prescribed [Rule 109(2): 2 months] for the purposes of this subsection, or
  • (b) if sooner, at the end of the period prescribed for the purposes of section 20 above [compliance period: Rule 30].

(4) If a period has already been extended under subsection (2) above -

  • (a) that subsection does not apply in relation to it again;
  • (b) the comptroller may further extend the period subject to such conditions as he thinks fit [Rule 108].

(5) Subsection (2) above does not apply to a period specified in relation to proceedings before the comptroller.

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