Section 117

Correction of errors in patents and applications

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117.-(1) The comptroller may, subject to any provision of rules, correct any error of translation or transcription, clerical error or mistake in any specification of a patent or application for a patent or any document filed in connection with a patent or such an application.

(2) Where the comptroller is requested to correct such an error or mistake, any person may in accordance with rules give the comptroller notice of opposition to the request and the comptroller shall determine the matter.

(3) Where the comptroller is requested to correct an error or mistake in a withdrawal of an application for a patent, and -

  • (a) the application was published under section 16 above; and
  • (b) details of the withdrawal were published by the comptroller;

the comptroller shall publish notice of such a request in the prescribed manner.

(4) Where the comptroller publishes a notice under subsection (3) above, the comptroller may only correct an error or mistake under subsection (1) above by order.

Manual of Patent Practice
Rule 105 - correction of errors

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