2007 Rule 98

98. Review of opinion

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(1) The patent holder may, before the end of the period of three months beginning immediately after1 the date on which the opinion is issued, apply to the comptroller for a review of the opinion.

(2) However, such proceedings for a review may not be brought (or if brought may not be continued) if the issue raised by the review has been decided in other relevant proceedings.

(3) The application must be made on Patents Form 2 and be accompanied by a copy and a statement in duplicate setting out the grounds on which the review is sought.

(4) The statement must contain particulars of any relevant proceedings of which the applicant is aware which may be relevant to the question whether the proceedings for a review may be brought or continued.

(5) The application may be made on the following grounds only-

  • (a) that the opinion wrongly concluded that the patent in suit was invalid, or was invalid to a limited extent; or
  • (b) that, by reason of its interpretation of the specification of the patent in suit, the opinion wrongly concluded that a particular act did not or would not constitute an infringement of the patent.
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