2007 Rule 9

9. Translation of priority documents

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(1) The comptroller may direct the applicant to comply with the requirements of paragraph (4), if-

  • (a) a copy of the priority application has been-
    • (i) furnished in accordance with rule 8(2),
    • (ii) filed in compliance with the European Patent Convention,
    • (iii) filed in compliance with the Patent Co-operation Treaty, or
    • (iv) made by the comptroller in accordance with rule 112(2);
  • (b) that copy is in a language other than English or Welsh; and
  • (c) the matters disclosed in the priority application are relevant to the determination of whether or not an invention, to which the application in suit relates, is new or involves an inventive step.

(2) In his direction under paragraph (1), the comptroller shall specify a period within which the applicant must comply with the requirements of paragraph (4).

(3) But the comptroller shall not specify a period that ends after the grant of the patent.

(4) Where the comptroller has given a direction under paragraph (1), the applicant must, before the end of the period specified by the comptroller, file-

  • (a) an English translation of the priority application; or
  • (b) a declaration that the application in suit is a complete translation into English of the priority application,

otherwise the comptroller must disregard the declaration made for the purposes of section 5(2), in so far as it relates to the priority application.

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