2007 Rule 77

77. Notification of the parties

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(1) The comptroller must notify the applicant for, or proprietor of, the patent which is the subject matter of the case that proceedings have started.

(2) In addition, the comptroller may notify any persons who appear to him to be likely to have an interest in the case that proceedings have started.

(3) But where a person mentioned in paragraph (1) or (2)-

  • (a) is the claimant; or
  • (b) has indicated in writing to the comptroller that he supports the claimant's case,

the comptroller has no duty to notify him.

(4) The comptroller must send the relevant form and the statement of grounds with the notification under paragraph (1) or (2).

(5) In that notification, the comptroller must specify a period within which the persons notified may file a counter-statement.

(6) Any counter-statement must be filed in duplicate before the end of the period specified under paragraph (5).

(7) But paragraphs (5) and (6) do not apply to an opposition under any of the provisions mentioned in Part 3 of Schedule 3.

(8) In such oppositions, any counter-statement must be filed in duplicate before the end of the period of four weeks beginning immediately after1 the date of the relevant notice [not extendable: Schedule 4, part 1].

(9) Where-

  • (a) a person was notified under paragraph (1) or (2); and
  • (b) that person fails to file a counter-statement under paragraph (6) or (8),

the comptroller shall treat him as supporting the claimant's case.

(10) The period prescribed for the purposes of giving notice to the comptroller under section 47(6) of opposition to cancellation of an entry made under section 46 that licences are available as of right is the period prescribed by paragraph (8).

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