2007 Rule 73

73. Scope and interpretation

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(1) This Part applies to the following proceedings heard before the comptroller-

  • (a) applications, references and requests under the provisions mentioned in Part 1 of Schedule 3;
  • (b) oppositions under the provisions mentioned in Part 2 of that Schedule.

(2) The rules listed in Part 4 of that Schedule apply to any proceedings heard before the comptroller under the Act.

(3) In this Part-

  • "claimant" means a person who starts proceedings or is treated as starting proceedings under rule 76(1);
  • "defendant" means a person who files a counter-statement under rule 77(6) or (8);
  • "statement of case" means the statement of grounds or the counter-statement and references to a statement of case include part of the statement of case;
  • "statement of grounds" means a statement filed by the claimant;
  • "statement of truth" means a statement that the person making the statement believes that the facts stated in a particular document are true; and
  • "witness statement" means a written statement signed by a person that contains the evidence which that person would be allowed to give orally.
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