2007 Rule 70

70. Requirements of necessary translations

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(1) This rule applies to translations which are necessary for the purposes of section 89A(3) and (5).

(2) Such a translation is necessary for only that part of the application which is in a language other than English.

(3) Where the application includes a drawing which is annotated, the translation shall include either-

  • (a) a copy of the original drawing where the original annotations have been replaced by annotations in English; or
  • (b) a new drawing with the annotations in English.

(4) Where a title has been established for the application by the International Searching Authority, the translation must include that title (and not any title which was included in the application as it was originally filed).

(5) Where-

  • (a) the description of the invention includes a sequence listing; and
  • (b) the listing complies with the relevant requirements of the Patent Co-operation Treaty,

the translation of the application may exclude a translation of the sequence listing.

(6) This rule applies to translations of amendments as it applies to translations of applications and accordingly references to "application" shall be construed as references to "amendment".

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