2007 Rule 62

62. Procedure for obtaining evidence for proceedings under the European Patent Convention

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(1) An application to the comptroller for an order under the Evidence (Proceedings in Other Jurisdictions) Act 1975 as applied by section 92(1) must be-

  • (a) made in writing;
  • (b) supported by written evidence;
  • (c) accompanied by the request as a result of which the application is made, and where appropriate, a translation of the request into English; and
  • (d) accompanied by the prescribed fee.

(2) The application must be made without notice.

(3) The comptroller may permit an officer of the European Patent Office to attend the hearing and eitherâ-

  • (a) examine the witnesses; or
  • (b) request the comptroller to put specified questions to the witnesses.
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