2007 Rule 58

58. Procedure for making a conversion request under section 81(2)(b)(i)

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(1) A request under section 81(2)(b)(i) must be-

  • (a) made in writing; and
  • (b) accompanied by a copy of the notification by the European Patent Office that the application has been deemed to be withdrawn.

(2) When making such a request, a person may also request the comptroller to send-

  • (a) a copy of his application for a European patent (UK); and
  • (b) a copy of the request,

to the central industrial property office of any contracting state designated in the application.

(3) The period prescribed for the purposes of section 81(2)(b)(i) is three months beginning immediately after1 the date of the notification mentioned in paragraph (1)(b) [not extendable: Schedule 4].

(4) Where a request has been made under section 81(2)(b)(i), the period prescribed for the purposes of sections 13(2), 15(10)(d) and 81(2)(c) is two months beginning immediately after2 the date on which the comptroller received that request. [Extendable under Rules 108(2) or 108(3): Schedule 4, part 2]

(5) In paragraph (2) "contracting state" means a country which is a party to the European Patent Convention.

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