2007 Rule 50

50. Request for correction of error

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(1) Subject to rule 49, any person may request the correction of an error in the register or in any document filed at the Patent Office in connection with registration.

(2) The request must be-

  • (a) made in writing; and
  • (b) accompanied by sufficient information to identify the nature of the error and the correction requested.

(3) If the comptroller has reasonable doubts about whether there is an error-

  • (a) he shall inform the person making the request of the reason for his doubts; and
  • (b) he may require that person to furnish a written explanation of the nature of the error or evidence in support of the request.

(4) If the comptroller has no doubts (or no longer has doubts) about whether an error has been made he shall make such correction as he may agree with the proprietor of the patent (or, as the case may be, the applicant).

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