2007 Rule 5

5. International exhibitions

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(1) The statement mentioned in section 2(4)(c) that an invention has been displayed at an international exhibition must be in writing.

(2) The prescribed period for the purposes of section 2(4)(c) is four months beginning immediately after1 the date of filing.

(3) But paragraphs (1) and (2) do not apply where rule 67(2) applies.

(4) The written evidence required by section 2(4)(c) must be in the form of-

  • (a) a certificate issued by the authority responsible for the international exhibition; and
  • (b) a statement, duly authenticated by that authority, identifying the invention as being the invention displayed at the exhibition.

(5) The certificate must include the opening date of the exhibition (or if later, the date on which the invention was first displayed).

(6) The comptroller may publish a statement in the journal that a particular exhibition falls within the definition of "international exhibition" in section 130(1) (interpretation).

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