2007 Rule 46

46. Copies of entries in, or extracts from, the register and certified facts

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(1) An application under section 32(6) for a certified copy of an entry in the register, or a certified extract from the register, must be made on Patents Form 23.

(2) A person may apply on Patents Form 23 for an uncertified copy of an entry in the register or an uncertified extract from the register and, on payment of the prescribed fee, he shall be entitled to such a copy or extract.

(3) A person may apply on Patents Form 23 for a certificate which certifies that

  • (a) an entry has or has not been made in the register; or
  • (b) something which the comptroller is authorised to do has or has not been done.

The register may now be inspected directly online using the UK-IPO's Ipsum Online Patent Information and Document Inspection Service. Most documents are available via this service, although there are exceptions (see here for details). In particular, correspondence from applicants to the IPO, if dated prior to 1 July 2011, are not directly available online. A full copy of the prosecution history is available by making a request using Form 23 and paying the applicable fee, which can be done online.

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