2007 Rule 4

4. Forms and documents

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(1) The forms of which the use is required by these Rules are those set out in directions under section 123(2A) and are referred to in these Rules as Patents Forms.

(2) Such a requirement to use a form is satisfied by the use of a form which is acceptable to the comptroller and contains the information required by the form as so set out.

(3) Such directions must be published in accordance with rule 117(c).

(4) Unless the comptroller otherwise directs, to file any form or other document under the Act or these Rules only one side of each sheet of paper must be used and the other side must remain blank.

(5) But where the information is delivered in electronic form or using electronic communications-

  • (a) a requirement under these Rules to use a form; and
  • (b) the requirements in paragraph (4),

do not apply.

(6) Where any form or other document is delivered to the comptroller in electronic form or using electronic communications, any requirement in these Rules for multiple copies of that form or document to be filed does not apply.

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