2007 Rule 27

27. Search under [section 17]

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(1) A request under section 17(1)(c)(i) for a search must be made on Patents Form 9A.

(2) The comptroller may, if he thinks fit, send to the applicant a copy of any document (or any part of it) referred to in the examiner's report made under section 17.

(3) Where an examiner conducts a search in relation to the first only of two or more inventions, in accordance with section 17(6), he must report this fact to the comptroller, and the comptroller must notify the applicant accordingly.

(4) The applicant must pay any search fee in relation to those inventions (other than the first) on or before the relevant date.

(5) The relevant date is the first day of the three month period ending with the compliance date of the application.

(6) The fee for a supplementary search under section 17(8), or a search under section 17(6), must be accompanied by Patents Form 9A.

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