2007 Rule 20

20. New applications under sections 8(3), 12(6) and 37(4)

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(1) The period prescribed for filing a new application under section 8(3) or section 12(6) is the relevant period.

(2) A new application for a patent may be filed under section 37(4) before the end of the relevant period.

(3) For the purposes of this rule the relevant period is-

  • (a) where the comptroller's decision to make an order under those provisions is not appealed, three months beginning immediately after1 the date on which the order was made; or
  • (b) where that decision is appealed, three months beginning immediately after2 the date on which the appeal was finally disposed of.

(4) But the comptroller may, if he thinks fit, shorten the relevant period after giving the parties such notice and subject to such conditions as the comptroller may direct.

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