2007 Rule 17

17. References under section 15(1)(c)(ii)

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(1) A reference made under section 15(1)(c)(ii) must include-

  • (a) the date of filing of the earlier relevant application;
  • (b) its application number; and
  • (c) the country it was filed in or in respect of.

(2) Subject to paragraph (3), the copy of the application provided under section 15(10)(b)(ii) must-

  • (a) be duly certified by the authority with which it was filed or otherwise verified to the satisfaction of the comptroller; and
  • (b) where it is in a language other than English or Welsh, be accompanied by-
    • (i) a translation into English of that application, or
    • (ii) a declaration that the description filed under sub-paragraph (i) of section 15(10)(b) is a complete and accurate translation into English of the description contained in the application provided under sub-paragraph (ii) of that provision.

(3) Where the application or a copy of the application is available to the comptroller it shall, for the purposes of section 15(10)(b)(ii), be treated as having been filed in accordance with rules.

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