2007 Rule 15

15. The abstract1

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(1) The abstract must start with a title for the invention.

(2) The abstract must contain a concise summary of the matter contained in the specification.

(3) That summary must include-

  • (a) an indication of the technical field to which the invention belongs;
  • (b) a technical explanation of the invention;
  • (c) the principal use of the invention.

(4) Where the specification contains more than one drawing or photograph, the abstract must include an indication of the drawing or photograph which should accompany the abstract when it is published.

(5) Where it appears to the comptroller that a drawing or photograph included in the specification better characterises the invention he shall publish it with the abstract.

(6) Where a feature of the invention included in the abstract is illustrated in a drawing or photograph, the feature must be followed by the reference for that feature used in that drawing.

(7) The abstract must not contain any statement on the merits or value of the invention or its speculative application.

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