2007 Rule 13

13. Biological material and sequence listings

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(1) The provisions of Schedule 1 prescribe the circumstances in which the specification of an application for a patent, or of a patent, for an invention which involves the use of or concerns biological material is to be treated as disclosing the invention in a manner which is clear enough and complete enough for the invention to be performed by a person skilled in the art.

(2) Where the specification of an application for a patent discloses a sequence, it must include a sequence listing.

(3) Where an applicant has not provided a sequence listing on filing the application, the comptroller may specify a period within which the applicant must provide the sequence listing; and if it is not provided within this period, the comptroller may refuse the application.

(4) Where a sequence listing is provided after the date of filing the application, the listing must be accompanied by a declaration that it does not contain matter extending beyond the sequence disclosed in the application.

(5) The sequence listing must comply with any requirements and standards adopted under the Patent Co-operation Treaty for the presentation of sequence listings in patent applications.

(6) A sequence listing shall, if it is reasonably possible, be delivered to the comptroller in electronic form or using electronic communications, even where the application for the patent is not delivered in electronic form or using electronic communications.

(7) A sequence listing may be set out either in the description or at the end of the application, but if set out at the end of the application rule 12(4) shall not apply.

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