2007 Rule 110

110. Interrupted days

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(1) The comptroller may certify any day as an interrupted day where-

  • (a) there is an event or circumstance causing an interruption in the normal operation of the Patent Office; or
  • (b) there is a general interruption or subsequent dislocation in the postal services of the United Kingdom.

(2) Any certificate of the comptroller given under paragraph (1) shall be displayed in the Patent Office and advertised in the journal.

(3) The comptroller shall, where the time for doing anything under the Act expires on an interrupted day, extend that time to the next following day not being an interrupted day (or an excluded day).

(4) In this rule-

  • "excluded day" means a day specified as an excluded day in directions given under section 120; and
  • "interrupted day" means a day which has been certified as such under paragraph (1).
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