2007 Rule 11

11. Waiving the right to be mentioned

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(1) The inventor may, before preparations for the application's publication have been completed by the Patent Office, apply to the comptroller in writing to waive his right-

  • (a) to have his name and address mentioned as those of the inventor; or
  • (b) to have his address mentioned as that of the inventor.

(2) An application by an inventor under paragraph (1)(a) must-

  • (a) include his reasons for making the application; and
  • (b) be accepted by the comptroller where the comptroller is satisfied by those reasons.

(3) An application by an inventor under paragraph (1)(b) must be accepted by the comptroller.

(4) Where the comptroller has accepted an inventor's application to make a waiver under this rule, the inventor may apply to the comptroller to end that waiver.

(5) The comptroller may, if he thinks fit, accept an application to end a waiver, and his acceptance may be made subject to such conditions as he may direct.

(6) An application under paragraph (1)(a) or (b) or under paragraph (4) may also be made by a person who is not the inventor, but who has been identified as such for the purposes of section 13(2).

(7) Where a person makes an application in reliance on paragraph (6), the reference in this rule to an application to waive his right to have his name and address (or his address) mentioned shall be construed as a reference to an application not to have his name and address (or his address) mentioned; and paragraphs (4) and (5) shall be construed accordingly.

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