2007 Rule 107

107. Correction of irregularities

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(1) Subject to paragraph (3), the comptroller may, if he thinks fit, authorise the rectification of any irregularity of procedure connected with any proceeding or other matter before the comptroller, an examiner or the Patent Office.

(2) Any rectification made under paragraph (1) shall be made-

  • (a) after giving the parties such notice; and
  • (b) subject to such conditions,

as the comptroller may direct.

(3) A period of time specified in the Act or listed in Parts 1 to 3 of Schedule 4 (whether it has already expired or not) may be extended under paragraph (1) if, and only if-

  • (a) the irregularity or prospective irregularity is attributable, wholly or in part, to a default, omission or other error by the comptroller, an examiner or the Patent Office; and
  • (b) it appears to the comptroller that the irregularity should be rectified.
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