2007 Rule 105

105. Correction of errors

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(1) A request to the comptroller to correct an error or mistake under section 117 must be made in writing and identify the proposed correction.

(2) The comptroller may, if he thinks fit, require the person requesting a correction to produce a copy of the document indicating the correction.

(3) Where the request is to correct a specification of a patent or application, the request shall not be granted unless the correction is obvious (meaning that it is immediately evident that nothing else could have been intended in the original specification).

(4) But paragraph (3) does not apply where the error in the specification of the patent or application is connected to the delivery of the application in electronic form or using electronic communications.

(5) Where the comptroller determines that no person could reasonably object to the correction no advertisement shall be published under rule 75.

(6) Where the comptroller is required to publish a notice under section 117(3), it must be published in the journal.

(7) This rule does not apply to a correction of a name, address or address for service (which may be corrected under rule 49).

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